Make A Voting Plan


If you haven’t voted early, your DGB for today is to make a voting plan for tomorrow.

It’s been two years since Trump was elected, can you believe it? Kudos to you for enduring this nightmare! Now, we have a chance to constrain his power by voting blue across the country and down every ticket. Plan to fit voting into your day tomorrow before work, at lunchtime, or at the end of your day. Also plan how you will get to the polls. Here you’ll find an array of discounted ways to travel tomorrow. Happy Midterms!

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 1 Day

Our Political Party System May Be Binary But Our Candidate’s Gender Need Not Be


The Trump Administration threw another gut punch the other day with an announcement that it’s now moving toward defining gender as “immutable” and defined at birth by genitalia. While we suspect that Trump’s understanding of transgender issues is something like “dislike because Obama”, unfortunately he has a whole cabal of people in his bureaucracy that are malicious and clever enough to figure out how to write their personal contempt into law. You DGB for today is to respond to this by channeling your rage into the upcoming midterms. Or more particularly, channel your specific outrage to this specific nonsense by specifically supporting a transgender candidate. Let’s put people in power that are living this experience. Logan Casey, a political scientist, has done the work of gathering a list of transgender candidates. Go to this link, find someone, and donate, follow and/or volunteer for their campaign. The list is on the left side of the page, candidates still in play are in green.

Grab a vote and stop erasure.

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 14 Days

Early Voting


Your DGB for today is to get the word out about early voting in your state.

As with any responsibility, saving voting for the last minute isn’t always the best idea. Use’s early voting guide to see if the window is open in your state.

Then share on social media!

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 15 Days

Resistbot to the Rescue Again


Your DGB for today is to use Resistbot - an already insanely useful tool - to check on your voter registration status. With voter rolls being purged in some states, how much people move, and just how busy many of us are, it’s easy to lose track of whether or not we’re registered at our current location. And baby, we GOTTA vote this November. It is non-negotiable.

You already know you can text “RESIST” to 50409 to contact your members of congress and do other cool stuff.  Now you can text “vote” to the same number to check your registration, get information on absentee ballots, and even register to vote. It’s pretty sweet.

Please don’t sit this one out. It’s all on the line. We need a big, blue wave in November to put out the dumpster fire we call trumpism.

The Democratic Party Wants to Hear From You


The midterms are getting closer, and now that the primaries are drawing to a close it’s time for the Democratic Party to start getting its act together. If that blue wave is going to happen then the Dems’ strategies and messaging have to be totally, completely, 100% on point. They want your help to ensure that the voice of the people is heard and amplified.

What issues have you fired up and ready to VOTE? Whether it’s climate change, education, income inequality, reproductive rights, all of the above or something else, here is your chance to let them know.


Here is the link to the Democratic National Committees quick issue survey:


Here is one the DCCC is collecting responses for:


You know what is at stake in November and we must show up to vote blue. Grab back and give the Democrats your opinion.