Voting Rights

Georgia Provisional Ballot Voters


Your DGB for today is to help make sure all Georgia votes get counted.

Over a week after election day, a winner still hasn’t been declared in the race for Georgia governor. Of course, Brian Kemp has declared victory for himself. But like a warrior, Stacey Abrams never conceded and the counting and lawsuits continue, with Kemp’s lead continuing to dwindle.

Anyone who voted via provisional ballot can make sure to have their vote counted by taking their ballot receipt and identification to their county election office. Find county election offices by visiting this site:

Please share this information widely, even if you do not live in Georgia.

Work a Shift on the Phones for Florida

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Just in case you’re some kind of Hanging Chad that is brand new to American politics: Florida is a super important state when it comes to elections. Another hot take: disenfranchising felons is a favored tactic of the GOP to keep minorities from voting. Right now a felony conviction in Florida means you are pretty much barred from voting for life - even after you have completely paid your debt to society! But there is hope for the 1.4 million eligible save-for-this-ridiculous-law Floridians. A judge has recently declared the current felon voter restoration process to be arbitrary and so the issue will be on the 2018 ballot there in the Sunshine state. (Thanks to for this information, please read more about the matter at their site.)

The Southern Poverty Law Center is stepping in to support the ballot initiative by hosting a phone bank and they need volunteers. Anyone in the country with a cell phone or a computer can help. Your DGB for today is to go here to read about what you will do and follow the sign-up links:

Grab back and get some people their fundamental right to vote returned.