Don’t Be Fooled: Know Your Facts


Your DGB for today is to take the Pew Research Center’s quiz on how well you can sort fact from opinion.

Contrary to what the GOP would like you to believe, all opinions are not created equal. Facts may be uncomfortable, they may be hard to face, but they have the benefit of being, well, true. The Trump regime’s constant barrage of false, ridiculous, and even bizarre assertions can warp your mind to the point that it becomes difficult to filter what is fact from what is… alternative. POTUS himself has repeated the lies that “Democrats are for open borders,” that Obama tore kids from their parents too, and that the special counsel’s investigation is a “WITCH HUNT” so many times that it makes our heads swim. But we know better, right? As the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) said, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”

We want you to keep your mind sharp, so take the quiz and report back.