World Press Freedom Day

Your DGB for today is to honor World Press Freedom Day and support legitimate and truthful journalism.

In an age where esteemed news outlets are attacked as “fake news” by our president, press access to the administration is blocked, and the public is being offered “alternative facts,” it is essential to remain vigilant and demand the right to truthful information. Currently, we face the terrifying reality that our election was hacked by a foreign government implanting insidious fake news stories in our social media channels. 

Recently, at the White House Correspondents Dinner, Hasan Minhaj took a break in his comedic bit to implore journalists to be better (for a laugh, and some truth, follow this link to watch his whole routine). In an time where our commander-in-chief is using social media and biased cable outlets to provide him with “news”, Hasan’s plea is more relevant than ever.  The stakes are high.

Please take a moment to watch United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, speak about the importance of honoring this day and the journalists we depend on to provide us with truthful information, and reflect on this powerful statement:  


“On World Press Freedom Day, I call for an end to all crackdowns against journalists - because a free press advances peace and justice for all.”