We're All Going To Die

Climate Change Report


Your DGB for today is to read some or all of the climate change report the government sneakily released on Friday while most of us were either waking up from our post-Thanksgiving food coma, or standing in line for a great deal on a flat screen TV. I guess the Trump administration was hoping we wouldn’t notice the alarm bells and emergency sirens coming from the Fourth National Climate Assessment.

It’s… not good. But knowledge, as we are fond of saying, is power. So read the Summary Findings and Overview and if you have time, the chapter on your region. Then redouble your commitment to supporting and electing policy-makers who take climate change seriously. WAY too many people - including you-know-who-in-chief think it’s a hoax. At least we have the House and many more governor’s mansions under Dem control. It’s a start.