White House Correspondence Dinner

“Maybe it’s lies. It’s probably lies.”


Your DGB for today is to support Factcheck.org, a journalistic outlet doing important work in the era of Trump.

The free press is under attack in the United States. The US Dept. of Justice has recently removed language in an internal policy and procedures manual about the importance of press freedom. And we have a POTUS who praises and cozies up to autocrats who kill and jail journalists, while simultaneously telling over 2,000 lies in his first year in office and calling our own press the enemies of America. The first amendment has never been more important. Good journalists busting their tails to fact-check politicians in the face of unprecedented efforts to silence them have never been more important.

Bookmark Factcheck.org on your browser. Subscribe to the RSS feed. Follow on Twitter. Keep it handy whenever anyone in the Trump administration opens their mouth and words come out - you’ll need it.

Ps: The White House Correspondents Dinner is predicated on the idea that the press and the White House can put aside their somewhat adversarial relationship and come together for a night of convivial joke-telling. Michelle Wolf’s real crime wasn’t in mentioning the Press Secretary’s cosmetics; it was in calling out the elephant in the room - there IS no coming together with an administration that is in open warfare with the free press. Wolf shouldn’t apologize and neither should the WHCD.