White Supremacist

Shut Down White Supremacist Candidates


Your DGB for today is to make note of these white supremacists running for office this year and support the candidate(s) running against them.

The article will be updated as the year goes on, so check back in. The list currently includes:


John Abarr is what nonsense looks like in human form. He appears to be running as a Democrat in Montana’s 21st house district after multiple failed political bids as a Republican.


Sean Donahue of Pennsylvania was convicted last year of making terrorist threats, although he is somehow not from any of the countries included in any incarnation of Trump’s travel ban.


Arthur Jones of Illinois will be the only Republican candidate on the ballot in the third congressional district, despite being a raving lunatic. Other candidates in the race can be found here.


Paul Nehlen of Wisconsin is running against Speaker Ryan for his house seat. Shockingly, out of all the Pauls running in this primary, Ryan is the lesser evil. Let that sink in.


Although these clowns’ runs are mostly considered long shot campaigns, we should never discount fringe candidates outright based on the unbelievability of their platform/behavior. We all know that can end badly. So badly.


DeAndre Harris


Your DGB for today is to intervene again in the ongoing white supremacist issues in Charlottesville, VA.

When actual goddamn nazis descended on Charlottesville back in August, Black counter-protester, DeAndre Harris, was badly beaten by a group of white supremacists in a video widely circulated online. Resulting crowdsourcing led by activist Shaun King eventually led to the identification and arrest of two of Harris’ attackers.

Later, a man named Ray Crews, member of a documented hate group, alleged that Harris injured him that same day. After Charlottesville police declined to immediately arrest Harris based on the allegation, Crews went directly to a local judge. We don’t know exactly what occurred, but a warrant was issued for Harris’ arrest, circumventing the usual course of law enforcement. It looks shady. http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/12/us/charlottesville-deandre-harris-arrest/index.html

Today, you’ll contact the Chief Magistrate in the Charlottesville district and let them know this doesn’t pass the smell test.


Avnel Alair Coates

Sixteenth Judicial District

1610 Avon Street Extended

Charlottesville, VA 22902

(434) 977-0220


Smother Hate With Love

Your DGB for today is to show some love to the good people of Whitefish, Montana and prove to them that a few Neo-Nazis terrorizing the town don’t speak for the majority of the American people.

The Flathead Valley area of Montana has a sizeable white supremacist presence mostly due to it being the residence and business location of a well-known* Neo-Nazi’s mother. Residents weren’t too keen on this and protested, which really pissed off the white supremacists. They, in turn, published names and addresses of the protestors on a Neo-Nazi website*, and threatened to host an armed march to wave their tiny, hateful views around town.

Today, we’re going to fight the evil in this story by building up the love. We’re asking you to send a message of support to Love Lives Here, an organization fighting for inclusivity and peace in the Flathead Valley.

Let’s show them our support and send them postcards from all around the country. Send your postcards to:


PO Box 204
Whitefish, Montana 59938-0204


Use your own or this DGB suggested message:

I am writing from (your city/town and state) to tell you I stand with the people of Whitefish in their rejection of bigotry and terror. Thank you for your good work and message and never forget there are people all over the country resisting this epidemic of hate.


If you’d like to do more, you can make a donation pledge against hate and designate an amount for every minute the supremacists march. This money goes to Montana Human Rights Network and puts money directly towards things the marchers detest. The proposed march is set for tomorrow, January 16th, but only part of application was filled out and less than half of the application fee was sent in. We can’t be sure if they will try to march anyway. It’s rumored to be rescheduled for March, perhaps when weather actually permits travel to Whitefish, Montana and they’ve had more time to understand the march application process.

For more updates and info, you can follow Love Lives Here on facebook and give them all our love and drown out all the hate.


*DGB declines to name domestic terrorists or their hate sites.