White Terrorism

Anti-Protest Laws: Car vs. Pedestrian Edition

Your DGB for today is to find out if Republicans in your state are trying to pass laws protecting terrorists like James Field; and if they are, to call your lawmakers about it.

We are all still reeling from the events in Charlottesville, VA, especially the death of Heather Heyer and the injury of 19 others, who were all plowed into by a white supremacist terrorist with a driver’s license. When this method (vehicle-on-pedestrian) has been used by ISIS to kill and disrupt, politicians in the United States are lightning-quick to condemn. But, as we speak, GOP lawmakers in six states are actually trying to pass laws that actually protect drivers who hit pedestrian protesters. Yep. And if you are wondering what might motivate the “party of Lincoln” to do such a thing, look no further than the rise of Black Lives Matter and the anti-Trump resistance. Apparently the GOP doesn’t care if dissent gets mowed down in the street.

If you are a voter in Florida, North Dakota, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Tennessee, or Texas, get ahold of your state representative and give him or her a piece of your mind. If you aren’t in one of those states, you might still live in a state that is cracking down on protesting in other ways. Find out, and speak out. Peaceful protest should be protected and no one should lose their life because they chose to exercise their rights.  


Support Portland Heroes

Your DGB for today is to donate to the funds set up by the Muslim community for the heroes in Portland who jumped in between a violent racist and two Muslim teens last week and/or one set up to help the two girls who were targeted.

On May 26th, two Muslim women on the train in Portland, OR, were verbally assaulted by a white supremacist spewing hate speech. In the process of trying to protect the women and diffuse the situation, three good samaritans were stabbed by the supremacist. Two of the men, Ricky John Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, made the ultimate sacrifice and the third, Micah Fletcher, sustained serious injuries. The funds raised for them will go first to short-term needs of the families such as medical bills and funeral expenses; and then to longer term needs. Funds raised for the two girls will go towards basic expenses as well as transportation (as you can imagine, they are not too keen on public transport these days) and mental health services.

Hate crimes - particularly against Muslims - seem to be flourishing in the Trump era, but ordinary Americans are stepping up and speaking out in record numbers. If you can spare even as little as a couple dollars for these brave folks and their families, please give. 

We also urge you to brush up on your training for safe and effective bystander intervention. Stay safe out there, Grabbers!