Listen Up, Good Guys - You Gotta Do Better


The DGB for today is just for the dudes. Ladies, take a load off. Read a book, sip a latte, go for a run, set a fire - whatever floats your boat.

Fellas, we gotta talk. We’ve got bad news for you. It’s not good enough that you change your share of nappies and haven’t assaulted anyone. Just being a decent human isn’t going to cut it anymore. You’ve got to do better by the other half of humanity. You can start by listening - er, reading - but after that…? Do better. Much, much better.

Because we women are very, very tired.

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 19 Days

Violence Against Women Act


Your DGB for today is to get your elected reps to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, as it is due to expire next month.

In the past, this bill has always had bipartisan support, and has always been reauthorized when it came up on the floor. Yet this time, the reauthorization bill has zero Republican co-sponsors and little if any GOP support. We think we know why. Since a gun is the most common weapon in domestic murders, this bill seeks to make it harder for domestic violence perpetrators to keep their guns. Well, as you can imagine, this goes over like a lead balloon with the NRA-owned GOP. Protect women, or protect murder-sticks? Hmmmm… Tough choice.

Please call your members of congress and urge them to re-authorize this critical piece of legislation. If your representatives are Republican, lean on them to co-sponsor this bill, because the health and safety of women *should* be bipartisan… right?


Internet Self-Defense for Women


Your DGB for today is to share this guide with the women in your life:



This guide is THOROUGH.

It will even give you an easily shareable pop up to post on your social media. Online harassment is rampant these days and we can use all the help we can get.


Stop Weaponizing Your Tears

Untitled design (2).jpg

Your DGB for today is to do some reading and reflecting on the damaging ways white women use their emotions against People of Color.

The recent event in Starbucks where two Black men were arrested for no reason has prompted a powerful discussion of the ways that white people, particularly women, use emotional manipulation (dubbed acutely White Woman Tears) to terrorize People of Color. The Starbucks travesty isn’t even the most terrible example of this, that same DAY near Detroit a 14 year-old Black boy got lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood and knocked on a door to ask for directions. The white woman homeowner freaked out, subsequently inspiring her husband to grab a gun and shoot at the poor kid, nearly killing him.

These stories have prompted blog posts, Twitter threads and Facebook posts from People of Color relating stories of white women acting like jerks and generally making their lives miserable. This nonsense needs to stop. Please take today to read some pieces on the phenomenon and think about how your own actions and reactions need to change.

This piece from Shay Stewart-Bouley (Black Girl in Maine): http://blackgirlinmaine.com/racial-and-cultural/weapon-of-lass-destruction-the-tears-of-a-white-woman/

This post by Luvvie Ajayi (Awesomely Luvvie): https://www.awesomelyluvvie.com/2018/04/weaponizing-white-women-tears.html

This article by Louisa Leontiades (for the body is not an apology): https://thebodyisnotanapology.com/magazine/dear-white-women-why-we-need-to-stop-crying-when-poc-call-us-out/


Make 2018 the Year of the Woman


Your DGB for today is to make some of your New Year’s resolutions for 2018 woman-centered.

Many people have called 2017 the Year of the Woman, and with the #MeToo movement and Wonder Woman being one of the top grossing films of the year, it’s easy to see why. At DGB, we want to see 2018 even more woman-centered and we need your help to do that.

Make some of your New Year’s resolutions woman-centered, and what we mean by that is, support companies run by women, read more literature written by women in 2018, watch movies and tv shows produced by women, donate to charities run by women, support women running for political office - you get the picture. Think of as many ways as you can personally help build up women in your community and the world, and stick with those goals all year round. Give us some of your suggestions.

Grab back and support women in 2018.




Your DGB for today is to watch the trailer for the new Time multimedia project called Firsts. http://time.com/watch-the-trailer-for-time-firsts/

Time is putting out a brand new project that we are beyond pumped for. It's a multimedia project featuring some of our favorite women like Hillary Clinton, Ava DuVernay, and Ellen DeGeneres. The book with interviews from all 45 women will be released in October, but you can watch the trailer now.

In addition to watching the trailer, we want you to help them find other women who have been firsts. You can share stories on social media using #SheIsTheFirst. Are you the first female mayor of your town? Were you the first female executive at your company? First female in your family to attend college? You may be featured.

Watch the trailer, send them your stories, and get inspired to do more. We still have so many glass ceilings to shatter. Let's do it together.


Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Fat-Shaming Has Got to Go!*

Your DGB for today is to go to read this piece on fat-shaming, and about the Dove Self-Esteem Project here.

We’ve heard a lot about fat-shaming in the media recently - partially because our very own (gag, breathe, gag) president has been an enthusiastic participant, and partially because as a culture we are starting to say “hell, naw” to policing and shaming bodies. Some defend fat-shaming as a way to get others to abandon their unhealthy ways and lose weight. Not only is this disingenuous (see: “concern trolling”), but it is also completely ineffective. Scientists now confirm that humiliating people about weight only results in…humiliated people.

Dove offers several ways to get involved in promoting body positivity, but one of our favorites is this mindfulness activity meant for girls 11-14 (though it was well-received by DGB kids as young as 8.)

Fat shaming is as out of style as cake pops, YOLO, and planking. It’s 2017 and it’s all about body positivity.


*We just got back from the Women’s March and we’re still fired up and in March-mode.