Women's Rights

Support NARAL


Your DGB for today is to support NARAL and other pro-choice organizations.

You may have heard about the recent case of Jane Doe; an undocumented teenager in Texas seeking an abortion. The Trump administration fought against this and blocked her abortion for weeks, essentially saying in court that undocumented immigrants have no inherent right to an abortion. After a weeks long battle, a Texas judge ruled that she was indeed allowed to get her procedure done and that undocumented immigrants are afforded the same inalienable rights that US citizens are. http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/10/25/560013894/jane-doe-has-abortion-in-texas-after-battle-with-trump-administration

Organizations like the ACLU and NARAL fight every day for reproductive rights, and we need to support them. Today we are asking you to donate to or publicly support NARAL on your social media platforms. You can find other ways to support them, and a link to donate here: https://www.prochoiceamerica.org/ Everyone deserves access to reproductive healthcare. Support organizations that ensure that right.


Pregnancy Crisis Centers


Your DGB for today is to call out a crisis pregnancy center.

If you are at all familiar with the anti-choice movement in the U.S., you know that they will stop at pretty much nothing to push their agenda. Whether it’s faking videos, faking aborted fetus pictures, or faking abortion clinics, they ruthlessly pursue their goal of restricting rights and access to abortion AND birth control. Because apparently the treatment of endometriosis makes baby Jesus sad… or something. One of their most egregious tactics is the use of the so-called “crisis pregnancy center” that masquerades as a an actual medical clinic offering services to pregnant women, but is really there to shame women out of getting abortions.

This DGB is courtesy of ExposeFakeClinics.com. They help to identify the jerks and call them out publicly via Yelp or other review sites. Check out the steps they lay out and get to work following them.

Grab back and help women spot a fraud!


Birthright Documentary

Your DGB for today is to watch the trailer for Birthright: A War Story.

Written by Civia Tamarkin and Luchina Fisher, this documentary outlines the attack on women’s rights by the anti-choice movement in America, and has been described as “the real Handmaid’s Tale”. Not just about abortion, Birthright examines the slow chipping away of reproductive rights and the resulting crisis for women’s health justice.

The main film site also has an action page, including shareable promotional graphics for Facebook and Twitter.

Birthright currently has scheduled screenings in several states, with plans for many more, so keep checking their Twitter and website for more release dates and platforms. 


Intersectionality Isn’t Just About Race - No TERF

Your DGB for today is to print out this list of ways to be a good ally to transgender folks, for yourself and/or people around you.

Recently the term “TERF” has been circulating social media, partly because of comments by prominent feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. TERF stands for trans-exclusionary radical feminism, and it’s an extremist movement that seeks to erase and silence trans women by claiming they are not “real women.” This article breaks down the issue:

Here at DGB we urge our Grabbers to make sure their feminism is intersectional and their social justice concerns are inclusive; resisting the tenets of TERF is part of that.

If you want to do even more, please consider supporting Trans Lobby Day, which is coming up on June 8th/9th. Trans women are real women, and real women are powerful.


Women & Climate Change

Your DGB for today is to learn about how climate change is a feminist issue. We’ve asked you to march, now we’re asking you to consider marching in your local People’s Climate March under the twin banners of environmentalism and women’s empowerment. Make your protest sign do the talking for you, tweet your concerns, and/or give your Members of Congress an earful. 

Women, especially in developing nations, are often uniquely vulnerable to the effects of climate change for a wide range of reasons. For instance, because of their role in caregiving, women are often the last to leave an area in the grip of a climate change-related natural disaster, and therefore are more likely to die. Women in some communities may not have access to education that could help them combat the effects of drought on crops and livestock, which are traditionally their responsibility. On top of all this, our current administration represents a perfect storm for these women. Trump’s agenda simultaneously looks to slash foreign aid- including programs aimed at empowering women in developing nations, cut off access to family planning for those women via the “global gag rule,” and defund climate change science.

We have to stand up for our sisters in other lands. Once again, women bear the brunt of catastrophic policies, but we’re not going to take it any longer.


Excuse Me

Your DGB for today is to - “excuse me, but have you heard this new vinyl?”- I'm sorry, what? Where was I? Oh right, your DGB for today - “This IPA has the best hops, bruh.” - What is going on here? Your DGB for today is to - “I just wanted to make sure you heard about this new vegan place before you went on any further, their massaged kale, I just…” - DUDE, stop manterrupting me! Your DGB for today is to download the Woman Interrupted app and spread the word about manterrupting.

Manterruption is described as “a behavior when men interrupt women unnecessarily. It stops women from expressing themselves and has a deep impact on their studies, careers, and personal lives.” It is so prevalent in our society that men often don’t even realize that they’re doing it, and women are often seen as the rude ones for correcting them. The app was inspired by watching the presidential debates, where Donald Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton 51 times in one debate alone.

Today we are asking you to go to the Woman Interrupted website and watch the short video with clips of famous women being interrupted. How could anyone forget Kanye’s infamous line of “Imma let you finish, but…” Yeah, that was classic manterrupting, heightened to a Kanye level. After watching the video, explore some facts on their website (like men dominate 75% of conversations during conference calls) and then download the app. DGB used it for some research and discovered a certain spouse manterrupted ten times in a 15 minute conversation about this week's plans. Men can also download the app. You choose your gender and then do a series of voice recognition tests. So if you are a man, you can see if you are a chronic manterrupting offender and work on ways to improve yourself and amplify female voices. The website also has some really amazing artwork for you to share across social media and to help get the word out that “it happens more than we think. And it needs to stop.”


How to Observe Tomorrow’s Women’s Strike

Your DGB for today is to prepare for tomorrow’s International Women’s Strike.

You can honor the day in three specific ways.

If you’re a woman, or identify as such, and it’s logistically and financially feasible, take the day off of work. See our protest calendar for activities to do instead.

If you are man/identify as such or have to go to work, wear red in solidarity (you have a red shirt or tie, don’t you?) and share your reasons on social media.

Shop at women-owned businesses. See our DGB Consumer Resources for suggestions.

If DGB staff households are any indication, even an hour without a woman results in total chaos. Let’s make our impact known.


Help Make Sure No One Suffers Through a Period Without the Necessary Supplies


Your DGB for today is to do at least one of our suggested actions to make sure that everyone with the need has access to necessary tampons, pads, and undergarments.


A Woman’s Worth, Inc. is working to provide feminine hygiene products to women all over the world, as well as bras and underwear. In many parts of the world, even including our own country, women’s issues like menstruation are a taboo topic and shrouded in shame and secrecy. In some countries this can lead to issues like a lack of available clean water and no access to feminine hygiene products. A Woman’s Worth, Inc. is trying to fix that, and we are recruiting you to help them. You can visit their website to find all the different ways you can help such as: monetary donations; aid for Syria; or, if you are crafty, helping to make sanitary kits that include things like soap, reusable pads, and underwear, which they will be shipping worldwide.


If you would like to help on a more local level, we have a few suggestions for that too. Find a local women’s shelter here and donate either your time or goods. Some of the most requested items from women’s shelters are unopened boxes of pads and tampons, as well as bras and underwear in all sizes, with their tags still attached.


After an amazing day of sisterhood yesterday, let’s band together again and make sure everyone has access to feminine hygiene products.