Women's Sports Foundation

Women In Sports

Your DGB for today is to support athletes who happen to be women.

Did you know that in the 2016 Summer Olympics no group won more medals than American women? Or that the winningest coach in NCAA history is a woman named Pat Summitt? How about that the U.S. women’s national soccer team has ranked number one, eight out of the past nine years?

Despite their clear ability to succeed and even dominate their respective fields (or courts), significant wage and recognition gaps still exist between male and female athletes. Many weak excuses are thrown around for these disparities. But, whether the claim is that women don’t generate as much revenue or that there is a lack of fan interest in women’s sports, we are asking you to help the current or future Serena Williams, Maya Moores, and Simone Biles by doing one of the following:

The next time you need to buy a gift for a young girl, make it sports equipment or a book about female athletes.

Attend or watch on television a women’s sporting event. Bonus if you do this with a child so they can observe female athlete role models. Here you will find stats, tickets, and ways to watch professional women’s teams: basketball, soccer, and softball. Also, support these athletes from the ground up by attending college events, which are inexpensive and local.

Special thanks to the Women’s Sports Foundation for inspiration on this Grab.