Woody Allen

Woody Allen Is Canceled


Hopefully most of you have already come to this conclusion on your own, but Woody Allen is unequivocal trash. Here’s a story about another teenager with whom he had a sexual relationship. This time, surprisingly, they appear not to have been relatives.

We get it, someone told you once that Allen’s movies were culturally relevant. Yeah, we all accepted a lot of things when we were freshmen in college. The taste of Jagermeister, for instance. That doesn’t mean it’s good or that we should swallow it and pretend we understand the appeal. It also doesn’t make you cool to imbibe ironically or to be deviantly contrary. We’re all set with that, too.

Your DGB for today is to quit watching Allen’s movies. Delete them from your libraries. His self-indulgent, autobiographical, pedophilic “art” can go right down the drain.