Ask Jason Chaffetz

Your DGB for today is to seek out financial advice from Representative Chaffetz (R-UT-3), apparent personal budgeting expert.

You’ll ask this Suzie Orman wannabe for any home budgeting advice from cell data plans to produce prices and couponing. Don’t let his wealth of knowledge go to waste! Find him on Twitter @jasoninthehouse.


DGB sample tweets:


.@jasoninthehouse Heard you were a finance expert! My company won’t let us unionize but we don’t make a living wage. Advice? #ChaffetzBudget


.@jasoninthehouse Heard you were a personal financial guru! How do I choose between food for my kids and gas to get to work? #ChaffetzBudget


It’s a good thing Jason has this backup skill set, because 2018 doesn’t look good.