The Gift of Music

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Your DGB for today is to use your old i-gadget to enhance the life of someone suffering with dementia.

Do you have an old-but-still-works iPod, iPad or iPhone laying around unused since you last updated? It still works so you just hate to recycle it, but you are trying to cut the clutter? Consider donating it to the organization Music and Memory. They collect Apple music players and give them to nursing homes. Th

ere is real and amazing science behind what listening to music from their past can do for a person who has lost their memories. Read more here: https://musicandmemory.org/music-brain-resources/current-research/

The donation page is here and you will even get a free shipping label for your device: https://musicandmemory.org/donate-my-ipod/

Grab that old Apple and give someone back their past.