We are a diverse team of women from across the continent who just aren't having it anymore. We are stay-at-home moms, academics, lawyers, clock punchers, child advocates, small business owners and lovers of tacos. This is how we answered our call to action.




Amy is a married, working mother of four. There is nothing notable about her life or experiences except that she used to be conservative. She can also twirl a baton (slowly).



Barb is a full-time working scientist and mom of two small tornadoes. She's had it about up to HERE with this bullshit.



Celestia is a soulless ginger who was raised in California, but now calls Texas home. She is a full time mom to four kids, and a wannabe writer on the side. Some of Celestia’s favorite things include cooking for her family, reading, and obsessively stopping at every thrift store she drives by. She also enjoys drinking cheap red wine, guzzling coffee, and napping. On weekends you will find her sleeping in as late as possible, then forcing her kids to go hiking, and pretending it's relaxing while they complain the entire time.



Emily is a giant nerd. Whether nerdiness is nature or nurture, her two boys are likely to be nerds too. A graduate of Reed College and George Washington Law School, she knows enough to know that there are plenty of people with degrees that know as much as Jon Snow. She currently resides in the Denver area, enjoying perfect weather and proximity to the Colorado Rockies.



Harmony is really trying hard not to screw up raising the next generation, but it’s difficult because you have to feed kids every single day. Before marrying her wife and adopting their three children, Harmony grew up in San Francisco, which means nothing is ever good enough for her. She now spends her days at home outside of Boston, doing endless loads of laundry and writing about marriage, parenting, and politics. Her hobbies include anthropomorphizing her pets and quoting profane rap lyrics in regular conversation. Sometimes both at the same time.



Karen is a full time social worker, full time mom, and full time DGB staff member. How does she do it all? Your guess is as good as hers. Probably because her house is always a disaster. Having followed her husband’s career from country to country for the last decade, Karen is now looking forward to moving home to Canada. She is one of the few who actually got to say “I’M MOVING TO CANADA” and mean it after the election results were in. Karen loves spending time in the mountains, hiking, camping or skiing, game nights (in theory) and hanging with friends.



Mandy is one of those angst-ridden artist types, living in a creaky old house in Providence, RI with her husband and young daughter. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, she received a BA in women's studies and a MA in cultural anthropology. Now she goes to school at night for fine art and illustration, and works in the resistance by day. Mandy is happiest with her nose in a book, paint under her fingernails, or a trail beneath her boots.  She also likes spaceships, glitter, and saying "fuck" way too much.



Nicole is bi-racial and bi-coastal and is still deciding which coast she prefers. She’s been a stay at home mom and and a working mom, and is a wife and mother to two boys who keep her board-game skills sharp. Tempering an unshakable belief in the good of individuals with a loss of faith in humanity, her contributions to DGB often include issues surrounding children and education. She currently works as a Lecturer at a university where she teaches pre-service elementary teachers. Part of her work with the university students includes service-learning in disadvantaged areas. She uses her free time to search for the perfect cup of coffee or the nearest Zumba class.



Suzie is tired. She is weakly sustained through ingestion of massive quantities of coffee, the temperature of which doesn't matter. Suzie and coffee are best friends and she can't think of anything else about her at this coffee. Oh, she also dabbles in science and motherhood, which are both pretty cool.



Our Founders

Daily Grab Back was started shortly after the election by a close-knit group of 20 women, peppered across the United States. DGB blossomed from a glimmer of an idea into a full fledged act of resistance with presence on all forms of social media within 72 hours. While the idea and the founding of DGB started with these 20 members, work, family, and life in general have reduced our numbers, but we never would have gotten off the ground if it wasn’t for the amazing ideas, long hours, and hard work that our founders put in and for that we will be forever grateful. Thanks, Bees.



Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.
— William James